The Twenty Sixth Annual Cadillac Challenge Century will be on Sunday October 1, 2017 RAIN OR SHINE!

The weather for our 25th annual Cadillac Challenge on October 2 less than ideal, but we have had a lot worse. We experienced light rain right up to the start of the ride at 8:00a.m. The temperature was in the low 50s all day. We had 75 registered riders, with a few more that either started early to get a head start, or late in hopes of better weather.

Conditions improved, and the sun peaked through, at least for a while in certain places. However, it deteriorated somewhat at higher elevations, and on the way up to the Cadillac Summit where conditions were fog and drizzle and still ~50 degrees. Riders enjoyed hot coffee and chocolate, or a mixture of the two. They also ate nearly all of the leftover food from the Tremont and Northeast Harbor Rest stops.

Once again, we had a great group of volunteers at the rest stops. At Tremont and Cadillac, the same experienced volunteers continued. At Northeast Harbor, our biggest rest stop, we had a new group fill in as our previous volunteers had another commitment. All our experienced volunteers have committed for next year, October 1, 2017. Without them, there wouldn't be a Cadillac Challenge.

We also had 25th anniversary long sleeve t-shirts available for sale for $18 each. We still have some left. Sizes run a little large. If anyone would like one, please contact Pancho Cole at Pancho will mail it to you for an additional $5 for the envelop and postage.

We always encourage constructive feedback on the ride, and how we can make it better, as long as it doesn't make it more complicated :-) Remember, the Cadillac Challenge is a low budget, "Show Up and Ride". If you want a big fancy fundraiser, there are plenty of them around to choose from. We like what Tony and Anne Mourkas started 25 years ago and we hope to keep it that way.

Please visit our Facebook page and save the date of October 1, 2017 of the 26th Annual Cadillac Challenge

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