What's with the new registration fee???

First off, we'd like to say that this ride has always been and will always be a not-for-profit ride. The Cadillac Challenge exists because unpaid volunteers put in loads of time and energy to make it happen. However, costs of running the event have increased and the organizers are doing their best to keep the legacy of the traditional ride alive while incorporating a few new features. Due to overall increased visitation to Acadia National Park we are limited to 100 riders. While registration filled up within 36 hours last year only 65 riders showed up the day of the event. Sadly, this meant a bunch of people who wanted to ride couldn't, and the event was out the donation of most of those riders. Your registration fee will help us offset the costs for: food, beverages and other supplies provided at the aid stations, road paint, the porta potty in Tremont, special use permits for the Town of Mt. Desert and Acadia National Park.