Ride Information:

    The routes will be the same as the 2020 ride, again starting and ending at the MDI YMCA.
  • Century Route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33724677 100 miles, 6500' of Climbing
  • Metric Route https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33724724 69 miles, 5000' of climbing
  • Date: On Sunday October 3, 2021 (rain or shine)
  • Registration: 7:00 AM - Limited to 100 riders. You must wear a mask at Registration and at Rest Stops, and bring a signed copy of the Covid-19 waiver.
  • Rider Meeting: 8:00 AM
  • Ride Start: right after rider meeting
  • Where: Mount Desert Island YMCA in Bar Harbor
  • Registration Fee: Free! (donations accepted to defray expenses and cyclists are subject to an Acadia National Park Entrance Fee) (details below)

The Cadillac Challenge Century Ride:

The Cadillac Challenge is a superb day of bicycling on beautiful Mt. Desert Island. Riders will cycle through some of the most spectacular fall foliage scenery that Maine has to offer including mountains, the Atlantic Ocean, Somes Sound, lakes, forests, wetlands, harbor towns, abundant wildlife, and much more. Two ride options of 68 and 100 miles are available to suit varying degrees of fortitude and both include the spectacular roads and scenery of Acadia National Park.

In its thirtieth year, "The Cadillac Challenge Century" features 6,950' of climbing and travels just about every road on Mt. Desert Island. After a 87 mile warm-up, you�ll begin the final 3.5 mile, 1,000' climb up Cadillac Mountain. The summit at 1,530� is the highest point on the eastern coast offering an eagle�s eye view of the Atlantic Ocean, Frenchman�s Bay, Mount Desert Island, and the mainland beyond. After all the day�s efforts you�ll enjoy the great downhill run to the finish with only one short uphill in the last eight miles. For those that prefer a shorter ride the metric (plus) century route features 5,551� of climbing over 72 miles and includes the Cadillac Mountain climb. You also won't have to strong arm friends and coworkers for ride pledges or pay an exorbitant entry fee just to go on a bike ride. The Cadillac Challenge is free of charge to all who wish to ride! (However, only if you wish, donations to help out with ride expenses will be cheerfully accepted.)

Please note that Acadia National Park policy dictates that bicyclists pay an Entrance Fee to Acadia National Park for their use of the Park.

Details for Riders and support vehicles:

  1. The route is marked in orange on the pavement, except that in ANP, there are wooden directional signs. (No painter signs in ANP.)
  2. The Bar Harbor/Mount Desert Police will be at a few critical intersections going through Bar Harbor at the start. Don't forget to say Thanks.
  3. There may be cruise ships in 2021. If there are, we will be in contact with them so that we can be aware of each other, especially on Cadillac.
  4. The automobile registration will probably be in effect in 2021 and beyond. Again, that doesn�t affect cyclists except that we may have to wait in line with the cars at the Sand Beach and Cadillac entrances.
      Specific Acadia National Park Rules
    • On 1-way sections, no more than 2 abreast and keep to the right
    • On 2-way sections, only single file and keep to the right
    • No littering (anywhere for that matter
    • Riders must pay a $15 fee at the entrance station if they do not already have a valid pass(weekly, annual or senior citizen). Note: Riders with an automobile pass ($30) may bring 3 addition rider with they if they are in a group. You may buy an automobie pass at the entrance station or online. Save time and buy online
    • You will be in a National Park. Conduct yourself accordingly. Others will be enjoying the Park as well.
    • Be especially careful coming down Cadillac. Obey the 25 mph speed limit. No passing motor vehicles. STOP at the bottom.
  5. Except for ANP, these are Maine roads � Some are terrible, cracks and pot holes
  6. We accept voluntary donation to cover our costs. We don't make any money on this event. When we have excess donations, we make donations to organizations that help us put on this event. If there are funds left over after that, we donate them to the Bicycle Coalition of Maine to support their mission of making Maine a better place to bicycle and walk.
  7. Rest Stops: You must wear a mask. Please review our Food Safety and Procedures for details.
    • Tremont Community Center � Closes at noon (Century only)
    • Northeast Harbor Marina � Closes at 1:00p unless we know there is a group on route
    • Fabbri Picnic Area on the Park Loop Road � Opens at 10:30a. Closes at 3:30p
    • Cadillac Summit � Opens at 12:30p. Closes at 4:30p
    • Bathrooms available near all 4 rest stops
  8. Sag drivers on course for emergencies, not for routine rides back to the MDI YMCA. Tap your helmet and put on your mask if you need help. Wave, and we wave back

So while you won't find post-ride pasta feeds, registration bags of goodies, brass bands announcing your arrival at the finish, and other ride "extras", you will find all the ingredients necessary for a enjoyable, challenging century ride. We will be providing a carefully researched route, detailed maps, cue sheets, course markings, and sag wagons to patrol the course.

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